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Since making his childhood love of music into a career, Kendre' has evolved into an accomplished singer/songwriter/producer. Adopting the motto “Music Is Life,” Kendre' channels that mantra into a unique blend of styles and genres intertwined with an inspirational message to create songs that are truly electrifying, refreshing and uplifting.


Streeter is most known for the addictive hooks in each of his singles, and his 2020 anthem “A Change,” a single rooted in a cry for social justice and world peace, which charted at #20 in the DRT GLOBAL TOP 50 R&B/Hip-Hop charts; and at #31 in the DRT Global Top 150 independent charts.


Much like his musical heroes Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, Kendre' understands that music is a powerful tool for change. Kendre' strives to be honest and as transparent as possible in his lyrics. It’s easy to build a wall around oneself for emotional protection, but Kendre' is here to break those walls down and connect with others through experiences. Just like life isn’t meant to be a series of boxes to be checked, Kendre' isn’t held back by genre. He draws from an array of influences from the R&B and Soul worlds to create a sound that is different than anything else, but unmistakably current.


Currently, Kendre' lives in Los Angeles.

Honoring 2022's Juneteenth,  Kendre’ released his debut album “Facets of Love”, a musical homage to LOVE  on June 17, 2022.

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